Placed Candidates

“Jamie is a very detailed person, she is very efficient and precise in all aspects of business. I would aslo like to mention that she is a pleasure to work with, as well.”
—Mannie Brown IV (New Business Marketing Representative)
“Jamie is an absolute joy to work with, and, on top of that, a talented recruiting professional. She genuinely cares about the well-being and success of her clients and works efficiently and tirelessly to pair great companies with great people. Working within her business sector for many years, she has a knowledge of her market that exceeds many recruiters working in the same field. Any potential employer would be lucky to work with such a fantastic, powerful woman.”
—Helen Lawrence (Digital Marketing Coordinator, mOSa Marketing)
“I learned about Team Concepts through a family member. Since they encountered great job opportunities and companies through Team Concepts, I decided to turn to them, too. I absolutely love their service!! Always and almost instantly they reply if I send an email or call. They do their very best to keep you happy in every sort of way. Throughout the years, while working as a contractor, I have come across many people that have been placed by Team Concepts, and they are more than satisfied. Most of the people I have met, including those in my family, have been working for 5+ years at the positions they obtained through Team Concepts. I always come to them when in need of a job. It never fails; they’re always there with a great and positive approach. I am currently working in a pharmaceutical company for nearly 11 months, and am loving my job. For many years, I’ve wanted to work for this company. Thanks to Team Concepts, I am in! I have met nearly 20 people here who were also placed by Team Concepts. I look forward to staying at this job until I am ready to retire. Thank you, Jamie! You are the best!!!!!”
—Claudia Salcedo (Finance Department Coordinator, Eisai, Inc.)
“When it comes to people sense, Jamie at Team Concepts is a rare breed. She’s bright and persuasive, but she’s also a class act, both personally and professionally. She gets behind the people she believes in, but won’t push on a position if she knows it’s not in their best interest. Her long-term relationships were built to stand the test of time and several market changes. Through all the ups and downs, she has been able to be flexible and adaptable; always putting her clients first works for her business model. If you’re looking for someone to build a long-term relationship with, you must go to Jamie at Team Concepts.”
—Susan Streaser (Sr. Training Coordinator, Eisai Co., Ltd.)
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Jamie Selling for over 20 years. She has placed me in three great companies, and I have also worked with her to fill staffing needs. Both myself, and my colleagues, were satisfied with the service we received from Jamie…As a job seeker, I recommend Team Concepts. Jamie brings great enthusiasm, excellent communication skills and a professional demeanor to the table…As an employer, I recommend Team Concepts. Jamie is knowledgeable, kind and professional. I am confident that Team Concepts would be an asset to any company seeking employment services…I am glad that Jamie was able to assist me throughout my career. I will use Team Concepts’ services again in the future if needed.”
—Althea Vaughn (Sr. Administrative Coordinator, Eisai Co., Ltd.)
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